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Dit is de canvas pagina die studenten in het 2e leerjaar tijdens de specialisatie ICT & Cyber Security kunnen bekijken. Hierover wordt informatie over Hatstack verteld zodat studenten mee kunnen doen/lid kunnen worden. Het gehele semester wordt ook in het Engels gegeven (lessen, canvas pagina's). Vandaar dat deze canvas pagina in het Engels is. Buitenlandse studenten volgen ook les in deze specialisatieroute


Hatstack is a team of Fontys students that have an interest in ethical hacking and security. We're looking for someone like you. From total beginners to more experienced hackers, you're welcome every thursday at R1 3.21 starting at 15:00 and ending around 18:00.

Are you interested in the following?[edit]

Malware, Remote Acces Trojans, Petya, WannaCry, DDoS attacks on big banks (Rabobank Abn Amro) and tweakers.net, CVE-2017-5754 and spectre, cryptominers on websites and programs hacked pacemakers, russian hack on american vote system, mirai botnet and monero miners on android phones.

Security is a big issue these days. The world needs more ethical hackers and security specialists. There we talk about recent cyber security related issues and hacks. We also play Capture The Flag, and participate in an open environment where everyone can share and learn more about cyber security.

When and where[edit]

Just drop by if you're interested.

  • Every thursday @ Fontys Eindhoven R1 3.21 starting at 15:00

What do we offer[edit]

  • It's a solid base for your cyber security portfolio for school.
  • Free cryptolockers to turn your computer into a piece of modern art
  • You'll learn how to hack in Capture the Flag games with other students.
  • Presentations about cyber security related issues.
  • Play real ctf competitions in the netherlands
  • Presentations from security experts
  • Monthly hacknight with talks and pizza!
  • Want to practice a bit of Capture The Flag (CTF) ? Go to our own game: ctf.hatstack.nl
  • You'll learn how to ethically hack and how to defend yourself.
  • We're an open group with all different kinds of people. You're welcome too!


  • We do not pursue any illegal activities. We are a group of ethical hackers :^)
  • For more information check our website
  • It's totally free as in price!


Don't be scared to join the telegram or irc group. We have cookies.